Female Announcer Revealed Bikini Photos And Netizens Were Shocked By Her Body Figure

No one expected this!

Announcer Shin Ye Ji is well known for her professionalism and ability to report the news in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.


She’s worked as a weatherwoman at MBC and has now become an announcer who also MC’s at various events, including eSports. She was seen mostly wearing business-casual attires that highlighted her professionalism.


So netizens were shocked when Shin Ye Ji posted photos of herself in a bikini, showcasing her stunning body figure!


She appeared to be enjoying a relaxing vacation by the pool as she dressed in an adorable mint-aqua bikini!


Fans showered her with praise as they couldn’t get over her beautiful body line!


Shin Ye Ji’s surprising sexiness became a big hit as she recently landed an editorial with MAXIM magazine!


Through the photoshoot, she was able to further flaunt her fit body line as she showcased a whole new side to herself!


Whether she’s dressed in a form-fitting dress for an important interview on screen…


…or relaxing on vacation in a gorgeous bikini, announcer Shin Ye Ji is definitely the epitome of beauty!

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Source: Herald Pop