Female Celebrities Will No Longer Be Allowed To Endorse Alcohol In The Future

The government is considering their removal.

Female celebrities will likely no longer be allowed to endorse alcoholic products in the future.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced on November 4 that it is considering the prevention of celebrity photos from being attached to liquor, such as alcohol bottles like soju. This was defined in Article 10 of the Enforcement Decree of the National Health Promotion Act.

Cigarettes have photos of cancer surgery to warn of adverse health effects, so at the very least it should be prohibited to put a celebrity’s photo on a liquor container.

– Ministry of Health and Welfare

As a result, several popular endorsers such as Suzy, IUSeolhyun, Naeun, Irene, and Sejeong will no longer be attached to alcoholic beverages.

Source: Naver