Female Celebrity Releases Private Messages And Hand Written Letter Sent By BTS Jin

Solbi shows off her adorable friendship with BTS’s Jin!

Singer Solbi shared her close friendship with BTS‘s Jin by uploading a text message conversation she recently had with him, as well as a handwritten note sent by Jin himself!

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She uploaded a screenshot of their conversation to her Instagram page, where she congratulated Jin for BTS’s recent historical achievements.

“Billboard 1st place.. You literally left an amazing mark on K-Pop history.. I’m feeling emotional… I’m proud of you, Jin!^^ #bts #BTS #Class #WorldStarKakaoTalk 😜” — Solbi


She also posted a screenshot of the headline BTS made by ranking 1st on Billboard 200, the first K-Pop artists to ever achieve this feat.


Solbi then shared a personal handwritten letter she received from Jin after starring together on Laws Of The Jungle. Jin wrote an adorable message thanking her for taking care of him during their tough time.


Fans left supportive messages on her post, adoring their cute friendship together!

  • “Thank you for your support ❤”
  • “Aww ya’ll are so cute”
  • “AWWW THATS SO SWEET! We appreciate your support and thanks for reminding him to take care of himself💜💜💜 ARMYS greatly appreciate you!!”
  • “Solbi unnie you are so sweet!! Thank you for supporting our Jin and wish you the best of luck in your career as well💜💜”