Female Celebrity In Her 20’s Revealed To Be Serving Time For Drug Charges

She was caught using Philopon in 2016.

It has been revealed that a female model and television personality (28) is currently serving time for her drug charges.

The woman, Jung, was active as a television personality and musician in China and Korea. After using Philopon with her acquaintances back in 2016, she was sentenced to 1 year and 10 months of imprisonment during her first trial. While she appealed the sentence, it was dismissed by the Supreme Court in June 2018 and her sentence finalized.


An acquaintance of Jung confirmed with SBS funE on June 15th that Jung was currently serving her sentence in jail. The acquaintance added that Jung was reflecting upon her actions.

She (Jung) has sent numerous letters saying that she is reflecting on her past and that she is determined not to get into drugs again after being released.

ㅡ Jung’s acquaintance


Jung gained popularity after appearing on a famous cable TV program in 2009. After getting caught up in a controversy over defamation of character of her acquaintances, she stepped down from the program and became an electronic music composer.

She was acquitted of defamation of character in regards to the so-called “Gangnampatch” case.

Source: SBS funE