Female Fans Are Allegedly Using Their Bodies To Score EXO Concert Tickets

They’re trying to get tickets in any way possible.

Fans know all too well the struggle of scoring tickets. Tickets for popular groups can be sold out in 5 minutes, so if your wifi or data is slow, you could quickly lose your chance of seeing your idols live. Many tickets are bought by scalpers, who rake the prices up high. Fans tend to fall for scalpers despite the high costs to see their biases.

EXO will be having a concert in Taipei on September 28, and 29 and tickets are already sold out. Taiwanese netizens are currently in a frenzy after news broke out that female fans were using their bodies to gain concert tickets from scalpers.

One netizen posted,

I heard that a fan used their body in exchange for tickets for EXO. I thought it was just a matter of hearing and there’s no way that it’s ture… Am I so old that I cannot keep up with modern day values?

Fans are allegedly willing posting on social media their offers – which is usually one night in exchange for the concert tickets. Some also offer an exchange of their ticket for a better seating place.

Two EXO concert tickets for a private night.

Some people think the girls offering themselves for concert tickets are just joking, with some even calling them scammers. Others didn’t think it was that bad, saying that it’s their choice to do what they want and that times are changing, so if this is the way to get what they want, they can do it.

1st comment: There is no such market.
2nd comment: This is… too much.

Source: ETtoday