A Female Idol Will Join The 19+ Talk Show “Witch Hunt 2023” As A New MC

Her energy will definitely impact the show!

Formerly JTBC‘s but now TVING‘s Witch Hunt 2023 will make a comeback in July with a new lineup of MCs—one of them being a female idol.

JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” | JTBC

Witch Hunt is a 19+ talk show that gained popularity nationwide in 2013 for its fresh concept and earning praise for its honest and entertaining portrayal of modern dating and love stories. The MCs were praised for being straightforward while having uncensored discussions of “taboo” topics. The show came to an end with JTBC in 2015.


Last year, Witch Hunt 2022 was released as a TVING Original and ranked second in weekly paid subscribers, following the reality dating show EXchange 2. The official clip videos posted on YouTube had 63 million cumulative views, showing the program’s popularity.

Thumbnail for “Witch Hunt 2022” YouTube trailer | TVING

The upcoming season will continue to delve into relatable and humorous dating concerns sent in by ordinary people, with new corners to address real-life dating dilemmas in an engaging way.

The MC lineup includes the same members as the previous season: comedian Shin Dong Yup, songwriter Kim Ina, artist Code Kunst, and model and actor Joo Woo Jae. Singer BIBI was a former MC but will not be joining this season.

Instead, singer and TV personality Mijoo will join the team for the new season with her energetic and comedic energy, and fans are excited to see how she will contribute to the show.

| @queen.chu_s/Instagram

Witch Hunt 2023 will premiere on TVING in July.

Source: Wikitree and TVING
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