Female Idol pressured to have sex for money, fights back by revealing it on social media

Tahiti’s Jisoo was pressured into prostitution, but she found a smart way to fight back.

Tahiti‘s Jisoo was once asked by a random person on Instagram to “sponsor” her, which basically means buy her body for sex. But when Jisoo received this message, she instantly put him on blast and exposed him!

Instagram Man initially sent Jisoo a private message asking her if she would be interested in a “well-paid part-time job”.

“Hello ^^ By any chance, are you interested in a well-paid part-time job~? I will meet all your conditions regarding pay and hours ^^ If you are interested, please contact me ^^ On average, you will be able to make 600,000 KRW to 2 million KRW ($496~$1,654 USD) for a one-time job ^^

I am a spawnbroker who works based on memberships. One of my customers is a big fan of yours. He is around the same age as you: mid-twenties. This customer is very interested in meeting you; if you are interested, please contact me. You don’t have to meet many people, just this one customer, so please make sure to contact me. Jisoo, you will be able to make plenty, around 2 to 3 million KRW for a one-time meeting ^^

Please do this for me.

The pay is good, I will meet all your conditions, and your privacy will be ensured if you just meet with this one customer.”

— Instagram Man


The original Instagram message was sent in Korean to Jisoo.

Instagram Man then pleaded with Jisoo to meet one of his “customers”. The customer hired Instagram Man to convince Jisoo with money, to have sex with him.

Jisoo didn’t respond to the messages, but continued to receive messages from the Instagram Man. He continued to harass her, trying to convince Jisoo that it was just a “simple date”.

“Are you not interested? 🙁 Please, I beg you, just do this once.

I will give you over 1 million KRW~ Just go one one date with this customer ^^ You can go shopping, have dinner, and just enjoy the date~ Really, you only have to do this once or twice and I am giving you better pay than any other sponsor^^ Please contact me.

— Instagram Man

When Jisoo didn’t respond, Instagram Man tried to pay her 4x the amount. His next response just has a simple message asking her, “4 million KRW?”.

Despite Jisoo’s clear lack of interest, Instagram Man continued to be persistent until Jisoo finally snapped and took action by exposing the sponsor on her Instagram.

“This kind of direct request makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. You’ve sent these messages multiple times; please stop. This doesn’t feel good.”

— Tahiti’s Jisoo

Jisoo and her agency took further action, with her agency stating that they would start a police investigation. However, no updates were made on the investigation and whether or not they found the identity of Instagram Man.

These types of sponsorships are not uncommon and can be quite frightening, but Jisoo was brave enough to put a stop to the man and expose him too.