Female idols who’ve made amazing diet transformations

Although plastic surgery is incredible advanced and quite common in South Korea, perhaps the most effective body transformation technique is a strict diet. 

In fact, some of the top female idols in the K-pop industry have proved that visuals can be greatly enhanced with just diet and exercise. From veterans like Wonder Girls‘s Yubin and miss A‘s Suzy to up and coming stars like AOA‘s Seolhyun, many of the industries top beauties have proved that surgery isn’t the only way for idols to enhance their visuals.

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miss A‘s Suzy

1 suzy


2 ailee

SISTAR‘s Soyou

3 soyou

AOA‘s Seolhyun

4 seolhyun

f(x)‘s Luna

5 luna

Wonder Girls‘s Yubin

6 yubin

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[+ 10316, – 190] The queen of diet is seriously Kang Sora. She gains weight easily so she sticks to her diet rigidly. Every time I see her picture on article I can’t help but gain respect for her

[+ 6208, – 150] Ailee won the lotto with her diet result

[+ 5075, – 274] Feels like a comparison between bad and good photos more than diet results..

[+ 3311, – 156] Dieting is seriously the best cosmetic surgery

Source: Sports Donga