Female Singer Was Bashed After Someone Claimed She Looked Like Song Hye Kyo

She didn’t even acknowledge it but the haters flooded her.

Trot singer, Jung Mi Ae, received heavy criticism from malicious commenters after headlines referred to her as looking similar to actress Song Hye Kyo.

Jung Mi Ae was a contestant on Miss Trot, a popular survival show among trot singers. When she first appeared, she was heavier than now because she had just given birth a few month ago.

But when she drastically lost the weight within the next couple of months, one variety show host mentioned that she looked similar to Song Hye Kyo. The reference soon made headlines as she even ranked #1 on various search engines.

Although it was a simple comparison, malicious commenters began bashing her and leaving hateful comments about her appearance.

She received so much hate that she wishes people would just forget about the comparison.

I went on a program show, and [the host] said ‘You look like Song Hye Kyo now that you’ve lost weight.’ Ever since then, people have been talking about it.

I received so much hate and malicious comments. Please just forget about it.”

— Jung Mi Ae

Song Hye Kyo and Jung Mi Ae are both talented artists who excel in their own field. No matter what each artists look like, they should be respected for their own characteristics and not receive hate for even the simplest of comments.

Source: Xports News