Few People Know About BTS V’s Unique Secret Talent

Whether it’s dancing, singing, or producing music, every BTS member has an amazing talent. V, however, has a talent no one expected to see!

BTS was a guest on MBC‘s Star Show 360 on November 7. During the show, the members were able to show fans their special talents like dancing and doing impressions. V decided to give his fans a special gift by showing them something they had never seen him do before.

V had played the saxophone in middle school and, even though it had been 6-7 years since he had practiced, he decided to show off his talent. When asked to play a song for his fellow member, Jimin, to dance to, V created a unique and unexpected song. He played electronic dance music with his saxophone! He was so nervous about showing his skill, though, that he drank too much water and asked to use the restroom in the middle of the broadcast! The MCs enjoyed his performance and praised his personality, calling him a very funny and unique friend.

Watch BTS on Star Show 360 to see V’s special talent!

Source: MBC Music