FIESTAR surprises fans with guerilla performance on White Day

In celebration of White Day, LOEN Entertainment girl group FIESTAR announced plans to treat fans to a special guerilla concert in Seoul. 

The five-member group, which recently made a comeback with their first mini-album Black Label, held their impromptu performance in the Myeongdong and Daehangno districts of Seoul, where fans who were lucky enough to be in the area had a chance to watch the girls perform.

While promoting their album, the girls have been performing their title track, “You’re Pitiful,” holding performances in public to the delight of their fans. The prior performances inspired many fancams, and LOEN Entertainment even compiled several videos into a special Fancam Version of the track.

The performances began at 1:30PM KST in Myeongdong Plaza, and 4:00PM KST in front of Hyehwa Station in Daehangno. Fans who were present for FIESTAR’s special White Day guerilla performances must have definitely been in for a treat!

Source: enews24