Latest Development In FIFTY FIFTY’s Lawsuit May Open Door To Agreement With ATTRAKT — Netizens React

Too late, or better late than never?

FIFTY FIFTY members’ lawsuit against ATTRAKT has been sent to mediation court.

On August 1, Yonhap News reported that the 50th District of Seoul’s Central Court had referred the idols’ case to mediation court. A date for the court’s hearing has not been decided.

Mediation Court focuses on arbitrating an agreement between two parties rather than giving a ruling. Cases are referred to the court when judges feel that resolving a legal dispute through mediation would be best for both parties.

Central Seoul Court | Joongang Ilbo

If an agreement is not reached voluntarily, the court will then make a compromise offer. If both parties accept the offer, it will take the stead of a legal ruling. If either party rejects the offer, however, the case then returns to a traditional court.

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Netizens reacted to the news and the possibility of the FIFTY FIFTY members coming to an agreement with ATTRAKT, with the majority of the comments being against the idea. Many of the netizens asked ATTRAKT to pick new members for the group.

  • “Just pick a new round of members. The current members’ parents won’t change, so mediation is meaningless.”
  • “Who knows what the members’ parents would do next? We won’t support the current members. Please pick new members, and I hope you are compensated for your monetary loss.”
  • “Mr. CEO, you should just pick new members.”
  • “It’s already too late for mediation.”
  • “Let’s just get new members.”
  • “It’s too late for mediation at this point. Let’s just get new members.”
  • “Although I hate it (coming to terms with current members), the CEO should do what he wants.”
  • “That bus has left already, LOL.”
  • “Just pick new members. Forget the current members, who no one knows.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo and yonhap news