FIFTY FIFTY Member’s Alleged Cousin Condemns Dispatch Report — Netizens React

“I will let you in on the truth…”

An alleged cousin of a FIFTY FIFTY member pushed back against a damning Dispatch report.

On July 14, a post titled “FIFTY FIFTY Member’s Cousin’s Instagram Story” went viral. The post shares an Instagram story written by an alleged cousin of a group member. In her story, the cousin pushes back on several narratives published in a recent Dispatch article.

Alleged member’s cousin rebukes an earlier Dispatch report via Instagram | theqoo

I will let you in on the truth since so many of my friends are worried about my older cousin. I couldn’t hold back my frustration (at the lies).

— Alleged cousin

The cousin then points to the Dispatch report and writes, “First, there are so many lies here,” before attacking the report as false.

ATTRAKT’s CEO Jeon Hong Joon has never talked nicely to the members and never respected my unnie’s health condition. He claimed that he sold his car and watch and that he used his mother’s money, LOL. All~ of these are lies… He has never sold anything to provide money for the group…

— Alleged cousin

The alleged cousin further writes that “There is a reason” why FIFTY FIFTY members are suing before criticizing the media for painting a one-sided picture.

There is a reason why they (FIFTY FIFTY) are suing, and they are in court because the reason isn’t a light one. I am trusting my unnie and our family and waiting.

The reason why the media is this way is because the CEO is spending money, so the media writes favorable articles. I hope you don’t trust these weird articles. I’ve read many of the articles, and none of them are accurate. This world is much dirtier than I thought.

There is a lot of talk on YouTube and elsewhere, but know that the CEO isn’t someone you should root for… 90% of articles are lies.

— Alleged cousin

The cousin ends her story by thanking her friends for speaking with her before believing in the articles written about the group’s legal feud and encourages them to continue asking her about the situation.

And I want to thank my friends who have asked me about what is going on. There is no way I can beat the media. It’s hard to change the minds of so many people who believe the lies. If you’re curious, don’t read the articles, and instead ask me. Although there is a lot I can’t tell you, I can tell you what are lies.

— Alleged cousin

Netizens reacted to the post with skepticism and criticized the cousin for throwing herself into the group’s legal feud with their label. Others continued to express their dislike for their group and asked the members to be replaced.

  • “Eh? Is this something the cousin should speak on? LOL. The whole family is full of hot air, ㅠㅠ. I hope they don’t regret it later~.”
  • “LOL. Why is she talking like she knows anything? Sigh… I don’t even know who the members are, so how do we know who her cousin is? The members’ parents are so horrible that even their irrelevant cousin is acting up. This is hilarious.”
  • “The school kid is thrilled that she is getting attention.”
  • “I seriously don’t want to hear their voices sing anymore. Change the members.”
  • “Now, even their cousin…”
  • “It would be inappropriate if their own siblings spoke up, but their cousin…? LOL.”
  • “The whole family is brainless ^^.”
  • “What’s this? It seems that they don’t understand how investments work. I bet they are going to blame the legal system after they lose.”
  • “Now even the members’ acquaintances (are speaking up). The members have already fallen off a cliff. How much lower will they go?”
  • “I hope I never see them again.”
  • “Ah, I can’t believe they (their families) really believe (the members are in the right).”

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Source: theqoo