JYP Entertainment’s CEO And 30 Other Industry Titans Share Their Views On FIFTY FIFTY’s Future

Will FIFTY FIFTY ever promote again?

Industry insiders revealed their thoughts on FIFTY FIFTY‘s future.

On September 18, Star News Korea published an article containing the results of a survey they conducted with 31  industry insiders, including CEOs and directors from industry giants such as JYP Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, MLD Entertainment, SM Entertainment, DSP Media, WM Entertainment, IST Entertainment, and KQ Entertainment among others.

JYP Entertainment | Joogan DongA

In the survey, the insiders were asked what they felt about FIFTY FIFTY’s career prospects in light of their controversial lawsuit against their label ATTRAKT.

According to the poll, 16 of the 31 insiders stated that the members won’t be able to promote anymore. The insiders stated that even if the group’s lawsuit with ATTRAKT is settled, the members have lost the confidence of the public, and that it will be difficult for the members to wash away their image as “Backstabbers.”

(They are) One-hit wonders. It seems it will be impossible for them to recover from their bad image.

— Jin Jung Kyun (GLG Director)

JYP Entertainment’s CEO, Jimmy Jeong (also known as Jeong Wook), also stated it would be difficult to trust the members moving forward.

When it comes to work, it would be difficult to trust (the members) and be trusted.

— Jimmy Jeong (JYP Entertainment CEO)

Among the 15 insiders who stated that the members would be able to promote, all but one felt despite promoting, the members wouldn’t be able to regain the public’s favor.

I don’t think broadcasters would view them favorably, and I’m not sure how many fans would root for them.

— Insiders

Netizens reacted to the survey, with many stating that they didn’t want the members to promote. Many netizens also expressed amazement at the lineup of people who were interviewed.

  • “The members said they’d rather quit singing than return. They can do that now.”
  • “I guess they got what they wanted since they said they’d rather quit than return to ATTRAKT.”
  • “I hope they quit being a singer.”
  • “The comments (from the insiders) hit different, LOL.”
  • “Well, what can you do?”
  • “At the very least, the companies who participated in the poll won’t accept them.”
  • “Look at the poll’s lineup, LOL. Because it was the song that blew up rather than the members, they won’t be able to recover from this, LOL.”


Source: theqoo and star news korea