FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s Upcoming “2023 Billboard Awards” Appearance Sparks Strong Reactions

“Her first stage after the controversy is the Billboard Awards…”

Netizens reacted to news that FIFTY FIFTY‘s Keena will be attending the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.


Earlier, it was reported Keena would be attending the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. FIFTY FIFTY are finalists for Top Duo/Group and Top Global K-Pop Song.

The news coincides with another report stating that ATTRAKT will be reorganizing the group, assumably with new members, and has intentions to continue the group.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena To Participate In The Billboard Music Awards, ATTRAKT Confirms

ATTRAKT’s  US PR representative, Infuse Creative, confirmed this in a statement.

ATTRAKT has all the know-how and content production capabilities of the group, FIFTY FIFTY, and we plan to reorganize the group and present it to the public together with Keena.

— Infuse Creative

Korean netizens reacted to the news with overwhelmingly positive comments. Fans expressed their support for Keena and stated their anticipation for the group’s new look.

  • “Since they are auditioning (new members), I think they will be fine with building the group around Keena. Their songs usually rely on the tone of their voice and it isn’t very vocally demanding, so it isn’t going to be difficult to replace the other members.”
  • “I am really supporting her for attempting to try again.”
  • “Have a safe trip, Keena. Hwaiting!”
  • “Good. Let’s do our best.”
  • Hwaiting!”
  • “Wow, Keena! Her first stage after the controversy is the Billboard Awards. Amazing!”
  • “I am rooting for FIFTY FIFTY because of their CEO.”
  • “The Billboard Awards as soon as she comes back. Amazing.”
  • “Keena, Hwaiting!”

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Source: theqoo