Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s Reported Return To ATTRAKT

Korean netizens had a lot to say.

Netizens reacted to FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s reported return.

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On October 16, SPOTV News reported that member Keena had obtained new legal counsel, who contacted ATTRAKT regarding Keena’s desire to return.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Lawyer Clarifies Only One Member Has Dropped Lawsuit

The news follows a months-long legal battle between FIFTY FIFTY members and ATTRAKT that has been scrutinized by the public.

Korean netizens reacted to the news with mixed reactions. Although some netizens criticized the idol for her lengthy battle with the label, others were more understanding and welcomed the idol back.

  • “You should have returned earlier because your image is ㅜ… But I want to be understanding and say that she was fooled and made the wrong decision.”
  • “I saw on Kakao Talk that one member had a different story. I wonder if this is true.”
  • “Will ATTRAKT accept her?”
  • “At least someone has come to their senses, albeit late.”
  • “Still, you made the right choice to return.”
  • “It’s the CEO’s decision to accept her… I’m glad at least one member made the right choice.”
  • “Sigh.”

  • “I’m sure the label will accept her back since her contract is still current, but I hope she isn’t in their new group.”
  • “I hope the CEO doesn’t even look at her.”
  • “Sigh… The bus has already left. What’s the point of returning?”
  • “Ah, shut up.”
  • “You still want to be a celebrity? But doesn’t she have any shame? After making that ruckus, can she look them in the eye?”
  • “I honestly think it is understandable for the members. They relied on the producer and trusted him. I’m sure they didn’t understand why the investors, CEO, and producers were from all different companies. It’s all good as long as she has come to her senses.”

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Source: spotv news and theqoo