FIFTY FIFTY Withdraws Lawsuit To Terminate Contract With ATTRAKT

This might mean FIFTY FIFTY will remain with ATTRAKT.

FIFTY FIFTY’s lawyer has clarified only one member has dropped the lawsuit and have obtained new legal counsel.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Lawyer Clarifies Only One Member Has Dropped Lawsuit

FIFTY FIFTY members have withdrawn their lawsuit to terminate their contract with ATTRAKT.


On October 16, SPOTV News reported that FIFTY FIFTY had changed their legal representation and have withdrawn their appeal to a judge’s decision to dismiss their lawsuit against ATTRAKT.

Previously, FIFTY FIFTY filed a lawsuit to terminate their contract with ATTRAKT in June. The judge sided with ATTRAKT in the case and dismissed the lawsuit. At the time, FIFTY FIFTY members immediately appealed the dismissal and stated they would continue their legal dispute.


The news also follows several Instagram posts in which the FIFTY FIFTY members made several horrifying allegations against ATTRAKT. You can read about them in the link below.

FIFTY FIFTY Members Make Horrifying Allegations Of Severe Neglect Aimed At ATTRAKT

Whether FIFTY FIFTY’s latest legal move signals a thawing between the members and ATTRAKT is not clear. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: spotv news