Fights Break Out At BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” Concert — Jennie’s Reaction Is Captured On Video

There is evidence of the fights, too.

On May 20 and 21, BLACKPINK brought their BORN PINK world tour to Macau.

While the shows seemingly went off without a hitch, claims of fights in the audience started to surface in the days following the performances.

A girl claimed she got hit by a man at the concert. She uploaded a video of herself crying on Douyin, stating, “I got hit after coming here to watch a concert alone. I feel so wronged.

The girl also explained what happened.

My photo captured him and his girlfriend. They were a few rows behind me but squeezed their way to where I was. Then, I saw the girl kept staring at me, and just a little bit later, I got hit by the man.

– Victim

In addition, a video of guys fighting in the audience circulated on various Chinese social media platforms.

A netizen uploaded a video of Jennie visibly worried, imitating a pushing motion while trying to get the staff’s attention.

This is so shameful. Jennie saw the two guys fighting and got the staff to intervene. I’m speechless.

– Netizen

Other netizens expressed their thoughts on what happened at the concert.

  • They bought such expensive tickets just to go there and fight.
  • No wonder Jennie’s expression looked a bit off in the video I took.
  • It seems like many influencers went there just to benefit from the popularity. My friends said it was a mess at the venue.
  • The atmosphere at the Macau shows wasn’t good. Pushing and fighting. There were a lot of empty seats because of ticket scalpers. The fan support wasn’t successful. The audience was filled with influencers. Sigh.
Source: Lisa辰, Se7en and 凤凰网娱乐