Figure skater Kim Yuna reported to have broken up with ice hockey athlete Kim Won Joong

The Queen of Ice Kim Yuna has reportedly broken up with her national ice hockey athlete boyfriend Kim Won Joong. The news has recently surfaced through various media outlets.

As of November 19th, various acquaintances of the pair have revealed that, “The specific date of their break up is uncertain but they have recently parted ways.” The ex-couple had met in 2010 when Kim Yuna entered Korea University. They became close friends when they met again in 2012 at Taereung Athlete Village, and officially admitted to be dating this March when photos of their date scenes quickly spread in numerous reports.

Kim Won Joong, who was recently caught in a controversy when his secret getaways during his military duty were leaked, is currently serving in the Korean Military ice hockey team. He is playing as a professional forward position while serving his military service at the same time. In the past, he led his team into the playoffs at the 2013~2014 Season Asian Ice Hockey League and played a vital role in his teams’ victory at the 2013 Ice Hockey Championship. 

Source: Star News