Filipino Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao confirmed to appear on Infinite Challenge

To their fans delight, Infinite Challenge confirmed the legendary Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao’s appearance on the show!

An associate of the show stated that this week and next week’s missions will include hints about Manny Pacquiao’s appearance.

“There will be mentions of Pacquiao’s appearance during the missions for this week and next week.”

— Infinite Challenge

Pacquiao, the internationally famed boxer, has been on Koreans’ radar not just for being the one and only eight-division-world-champion in boxing.

But also for his brush with international celebrities, including K-Pop idols, and for spending his Christmas in Seoul last year.

Though it’s been confirmed that Pacquiao will participate in the filming of Infinite Challenge in December, it’s not yet clear whether he will have a big or a small role.

“We plan to film with Pacquiao during his visit to South Korea in December, but it’s not clear what form the production will take or how long his appearance will be.”

— Infinite Challenge

Though the format has not been decided on, there are speculations.

Pacquiao could very well school Infinite Challenge members as Steph Curry and Thierry Henry did during their appearances on the show.

Or like Jack Black, he could prove to be an amazing comic addition to the team!

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However Infinite Challenge deals with their latest international superstar guest, there’s no doubt that it will be a memorable one!

Source: Hankyung