A Filipino ENGENE Addressed ENHYPEN’s Weight Shaming Controversy To Jake During A Fan-Sign Call, Netizens Have Conflicting Opinions

The fan-sign call has caused great division between netizens.

HYBE‘s latest boy group ENHYPEN has recently been promoting their latest EP, “MANIFESTO : DAY 1.” During a fan-meeting call, ENHYPEN’s Jake was speaking to a Filipino ENGENE when the fan brought a past controversy to light.

(From left to right) Jake, Jay, Jungwon, Heesung, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Niki | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Twitter profile @EN_REACH announced they had a volunteer who wanted to discuss the controversy with the ENHYPEN members.

During the call, the fan mentioned that some people in the ENGENE fandom feel uncomfortable with the members speaking about each other’s weight.

This issue arose after ENHYPEN members joked about member Sunoo‘s weight during a live broadcast.

ENHYPEN member Sunoo | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

After the fan addressed the issue, Jake can be seen intently looking into the camera and listening. Jake did not comment on the matter, though it is believed to be because of the strict time limit on these calls.

Jake from ENHYPEN | @EN_REACH/Twitter 

After the @EN_REACH Twitter account posted the fan-sign call on social media, many netizens had conflicting opining on the topic. While some believed that Jake should have made more of an effort to apologize, others thought that a fan-sign call was not the right time or place to address these issues.

Another tweet was posted on the @EN_REACH Twitter that another fan attempted to have the same conversation with ENHYPEN member Niki, but the fan-sign call was cut 8 seconds short.

As the quote tweets regarding the original tweet @EN_REACH posted continue growing, netizens still show division over the issue.