This Beautiful 17-Year-Old Filipino Girl Is K-Pop’s Newest Trainee

This talented, cute young lady is making strides and wowing judges on K-pop Star 6.

K-pop Star 6 has welcomed a very talented Filipino trainee, Kriesha Tiu (Chrisha Choo). She is 17 years old and originally from Cebu. Chrisha was scouted by Urban Works Entertainment and brought to South Korea to become a trainee.

Chrisha wowed all three judges on the variety show with her incredible vocals when she performed Urban Zakapa‘s “I Don’t Love You.” She also danced to Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend,” showing her good rhythm and sense for poppier songs.

Everyone was extremely impressed with her performance. The judges also complimented her on her Korean as she has only been in the country for a year. They went so far as to say they could form a great girl group with the contestants this season after her stage.

Filipino and other Southeast Asian fans have been showing their support for her as well. Her adorable way of introducing herself with Apink’s “Mr.Chu” as a pun on her name, drew the attention of many. Even YG joked that he wished more people would introduce themselves that way when auditioning for him.