Filipino K-Pop Fans Call Out Local TV Show For Making Them Feel “Unsafe” Following Misinformation On Photocards

People are now stealing photocards.

Filipinos from various K-Pop fandoms have come together to express anger and disappointment in local TV show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS) following an episode they did on one fan’s merch.

Philippine TV show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (KMJS)

On March 5, KMJS featured a teenage girl named “Bea,” whom they claimed stole money from her grandmother to secretly purchase K-Pop albums and photocards amounting to PHP 2.7 million ($48,000 USD).

However, when listing the prices of her goods, they showed one photocard allegedly worth Php 50,000 ($900 USD) due to its rarity. Viewers questioned the legitimacy of the price, stating that it couldn’t possibly be worth that much. They said, “KMJS, it’s not true that that’s worth 50k,” and “Did you really do your research?

Following the release of the episode, K-Pop fans started reporting cases of theft from snatchers who believe that all photocards are worth the large amount. They complained that KMJS’s episode made them “look bad on national TV” and risked their safety.

People are warning each other, “Hide your photocards.

One fan reported how a middle aged man stole their BTS Jimin photocard while they were riding the bus. They were seated in front, and before departing, he quickly snatched the photocard as they were using their phone.

Another shared how “alarming” it is that someone had opened their package to steal their photocard holder before transferring it to another plastic.

Due to the spike in theft cases, Filipinos have concluded that it just isn’t safe anymore to bring photocards in public.

I think it’s safe to tell everyone ‘DON’T BRING PHOTOCARDS ANYMORE.’ Whether they are unofficial or official, don’t do it. Everyone’s priority is each other’s safety. It’s better that no one snatches from you, okay? Think wisely people and hoping @KM_Jessica_Soho would see this matter.

— Filipino K-Pop fan

Following the backlash they received on social media, KMJS released a statement saying that they have coordinated with authorities to verify the snatching of the photocard in the MRT station, and they urged people to report to the police if someone stole their photocard.

The statement received negative reactions from Filipinos who said that it isn’t possible to report incidences to the police who are likely to not take them seriously.

  • How will we report to the police?? What will we say?? “My photocard was stolen, it’s a paper that has a handsome man printed on it“???!?
  • Rape cases and killings aren’t being given justice, what more if you tell the police that your photocard was stolen??

They called out the show for not holding themselves accountable for the harmful effects their episode had on the local K-Pop fandom.

Moreover, they stated that the very least KMJS could do was release a statement clarifying that not all photocards are worth Php 50,000. Most only only range from Php 200-400 ($3-7 USD).

This incident has raised questions on the respectability of journalist Jessica Soho whose show they claim has gone downhill in recent years after they started “peddling a lot of sensational but poorly research stories.

Fans also claimed that the story of “Bea” is fake and that her family used the exposure to promote their K-Pop merch business.

Finally, they expressed hope that a follow-up episode would be released. They noted how Jessica Soho and her team could have angled the story differently to ensure that no one’s safety would be compromised.

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