Filipino Netizens Criticize Senator For Considering K-Drama Ban

Many netizens disagreed with him, saying he should focus on supporting Filipino artists instead.

Filipinos were shocked when senator Jinggoy Estrada said he had thought about banning K-Dramas in the Philippines. His exact statement said:

Kaya minsan, pumapasok sa aking isipan na i-ban itong mga telenovela ng mga foreigner at dapat ang mga artista nating Pilipino, na talagang may angking galing sa pag-arte ay ‘yun naman dapat ang ipalabas natin sa sariling bansa natin.”

Which in English translates to:

“So sometimes, the thought crosses my mind to ban foreign telenovelas, so that our Filipino artists who are talented and should be recognized will be appreciated in our own country.”

There was immediate backlash from netizens on Twitter. Many criticized Estrada for not supporting Filipino films and series enough through funding.

Estrada later clarified his statement on Facebook, saying:

“…my statement stems from the frustration that while we are only too eager and willing to celebrate South Korea’s entertainment industry, we have sadly allowed our own to deteriorate because of the lack of support from the moviegoing public. I wish that the zealousness of our kababayans (countrymen) in patronizing foreign artists can be replicated to support our homegrown talents who I strongly believe are likewise world-class. I have nothing against South Korea’s successes in the entertainment field and admittedly, we have much to learn from them…South Korea’s phenomenal success is rooted in their love of country. It is high time that we follow their example and do the same for our own entertainment industry that is at best, barely surviving.”

Most netizens continued to insist that the senator should focus on supporting Filipino artists.

As of the writing of this article, no other statements about this issue have been made.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer, CNN Philippines and Rappler
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