Filipino TV Host Vice Ganda Spotted Doing EXO’s #KoKoBopChallenge

Following the rising popularity of EXO’s #KoKoBopChallenge, Filipino star Vice Ganda brought the new craze to TV!

In fact, the famous TV Host and Comedian was spotted promoting EXO on several occasions.

As well as going down, down on that “Ko Ko Bop” craze on It’s Showtime!

The #KoKoBopChallenge has continued to take off in Korea, even being published in several Korean news articles…

The craze, originally started by Resey and the KCDC dance crew, has been taking off ever since.

Everyone is doing it!


… even younger…

Anyone who loves EXO…

and we mean EVERYONE!

It’s really bringing everyone together (in the best way possible).

Don’t know what the #KoKoBopChallenge is? It started going viral a couple days ago… so catch up below!

Everyone Is Obsessed With The Brand New EXO #KoKoBopChallenge