Here’s what Kwon Sohyun has been doing since she left 4MINUTE

Kwon Sohyun kept a low profile after her contract with Cube Entertainment and 4minute ended. However, a recent update confirmed a busy year ahead for the artist! Wanna find out what she’s been up to? 

Last July, Cube Entertainment confirmed 4minute’s disbandment after the members (except Hyuna) did not renew their contracts. Since the confirmation, the four members went on their own search for new agencies.

Since the disbandment, Sohyun maintained a low profile. Some of her fans found her taking public transport, looking casual and happy. A quick look on her personal Instagram account also found the artist filling her free time with baking and traveling.


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A month later, fans found Sohyun selling 4minute’s merchandises for charity at a local flea market.


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Up until this month, Sohyun opted to stay out of the limelight. However, an announcement from 935 Entertainment confirmed her transition as an actress. On November 15th, the agency announced that Sohyun signed an exclusive contract with them. This will kickstart her full-fledged acting career.

A post on her personal Instagram account did not only confirm Sohyun’s move but also expressed her personal reasons behind it.

Hello. I’m Kwon Sohyun. You may have seen my news through the articles. But the reason I wrote it because I would like to talk to you directly. I have a new start with the 935ent. I had a lot of troubles and thoughts before the new start. Fortunately, I was able to get through the hard time by meeting a good relationship. When I look back, there were many people who were grateful for me until I was 23 years old. I think that the ways to repay the gratitude are always humble, try harder and grow as a good actor. I would like to thank the fans who always support me and the people around me. I will work hard with my 935 family members in the future. Once again I really appreciate and love you. 감사합니다? THANK YOU #권소현 #kwonsohyun #kkwonsso . .with . #935ent

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This is not the first time that Sohyun ventured into the field of acting. Before her debut with 4minute, she was a budding child actress and appeared on projects such as Jewel in the Palace, Jang Gil San and Lovers in Paris.

All the best to Sohyun, the actress!



Source: Dispatch