WayV’s Xiaojun Finally Reveals Whose Hand He’s Holding In The “Good Time” Dance Video

We would have never guessed!

WayV‘s Xiaojun recently released a dance video to the group’s song “Good Time,” from their 2021 mini album, Kick Back, and fans were wondering whose hand he was holding in the video. Finally, we have our answer!

WayV’s Xiaojun on the set of “Good Time” | @djxiao_888/Instagram

In the video, Xiaojun is shown holding a person’s hand, and fans assumed it was a woman’s hand.

| WayV/YouTube

In a behind-the-scenes video, Xiaojun revealed the identity of the person whose hand he held in the “Good Time” video, and he explained that he’s holding someone’s hand to make it seem as if he’s on a date with fans in the video.

“Like I said before, I’m here for a date. So, today, it feels like I’m on a date with you.” | WayV/YouTube

Then, he laughed and told fans not to worry because he was actually holding a male director’s hand in the video!

After the “Good Time” dance video was released, the director who held Xiaojun’s hand said “it was an honor to hold Xiaojun’s hands” in an Instagram post, which fans found hilarious!

See the full behind-the-scenes video below!





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