[★TRENDING] First court decision for Lee Jung Hee and two sons

The victim of the alleged horrific sex trafficking and rape case Lee Jung Hee has received her first court decision.

The courts have approved and given the mother and victim of the “alleged two son and mother rape case,” the full custody of her two sons. On July 16th, the Busan Domestic Relations Court rejected the appeal that Mr. Huh, the ex-husband, made last year requesting a new trial regarding the divorce.

The Department of Justice explained that “the first decision was fair so there is no need to appeal.”

Due to this result, Mr. Huh and Lee Jung Hee divorced and the custody of the children was transferred to Lee Jung Hee.

Upon hearing the court’s decision, Lee Jung Hee, her second son, and the ten people operating the internet cafe to support them couldn’t hide their happiness.

After coming out of the court, Lee Jung Hee continued to shed tears while stating, “I protected the custody of my two sons.”

During the interview with News1, Lee Jung Hee and her son confessed, “We don’t want to live in a nightmare anymore.”

Lee Jung Hee continued to say, “I started this case because I wanted to protect my kids, without caring whether or not I’d get punished. I finally got to protect them.”

Her son brightly answered, “I’m so happy that I don’t have to live with dad and get to live with mom.”

He continued to confess, “I was not attending school for almost a year because I was scared that dad was going to come and kidnap me but now I finally get to attend school again.”

Lee Jung Hee still has cases of over 17 different charges against Mr. Huh including rape and drug charges.

The “two son and mother rape case” first went viral online on June 22nd when Lee Jung Hee wrote a blog post titled “I am a dirty woman but I’m still a mother.”

[ +1,678 / -6] It can’t just end here~ prostitution, child abuse and etc~ it’s only left for him to go to jail~

[ +1,469 / -9] I’m glad that your long wait did not go to waste, but this is only the beginning. Please search “two sons and mother” (세모자) and send them the sincere courage that they need.

[ +1,418 / -4] This is only the beginning. Now we need a fair investigation and a decision. This is a case regarding children. We will be watching.

Source: News1