First Ever Indian K-Pop Idols Announced, Will Debut This Year

Who’s ready? We know we are.

Throughout the years of K-Pop being promoted globally, many groups have marketed themselves as the “international” or “global” group – even though the only thing that makes them claim the title is by having a few non-Korean members.

However, new label Z-Pop Dream is looking to truly create the world’s first international K-Pop group with two project groups: Z-Girls and Z-Boys.

How, you may ask?

By having each member be from a different part of Asia.

You read that right. Each member was chosen from seven different regions in Asia to create a truly international K-Pop group!

Though one thing totally took us by surprise once we saw the announced lineup – the inclusion of two Indian members!

While we unfortunately don’t have access to HD photos of the member profile images, we could clearly see that Z-Pop Dream was set in achieving their goal in making a true international group.

Both Z-Girls and Z-Boys are scheduled to debut on Feb. 23, 2019 and will perform at a special concert called Z-Pop Dream Live In Seoul.

When that debut happens, both Priyanka and Sid will make history as the first ever Indian K-Pop idols.

While Z-Pop Dream hasn’t released any additional information both Priyanka and Sid, our bit of research determined that they likely were cast via an open casting call and were not previously active in the music industry.

But as mentioned above, they aren’t the only members of their group!

Let’s introduce the rest of the members, shall we?

Without further ado, let’s look at the members of Z-Girls first!

While at the time of this writing, only six of the seven members have been revealed but here they are:

While Z-Pop Dream has not stated which member represents which country, an (unfortunately unsourced) YouTube comment stated that the member/region breakdown are as follows:

  • Bell – Thailand
  • Carlyn – Philippines
  • Joanne – Taiwan
  • Priyanka – India
  • Queen – Vietnam
  • Vanya – Indonesia

Z-Pop Dream is also keeping the identity of the seventh member secret for now, so we have to assume that the final member will be either Korean or Japanese as those are the only two regions left that are not represented.

The label also revealed six of the seven members for the similarly concept-themed Z-Boys!

Again, Z-Pop Dream has not confirmed the region each member is from, popular speculation is as follows:

  • Roy – Vietnam
  • Mavin – Indonesia
  • Josh – Philippines
  • Blink – Thailand
  • Perry – Taiwan
  • Sid – India

Similar to their reveal of Z-Girls, Z-Boys’ seventh member is currently unknown with the only assumption that the member will represent Korea or Japan.

Fans of course are going wild about the possibilities this group could bring to the K-Pop scene and are super excited for more information about the group!

Funnily enough, international fans have already spotted some familiar faces in the groups’ lineups!

Carlyn is actually Caryln Ocampo, who went viral in the Philippines for her dance covers of Momoland’s “BBoom BBoom” and “Baam!”

Meanwhile, Mavin is actually an Indonesian idol!

Mavin initially debuted as a member of B FORCE, and the group is well known for doing K-Pop covers!

All this information has made us so hyped! We honestly can’t wait to see the group in action!