“Minari” Stars Steven Yeun And Youn Yuh-Jung Are The First Koreans To Receive Acting Award Nominations From The Oscars

“Minari” is making history as it has earned six nominations from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominations for the 93rd Academy Awards on Monday morning. American Korean drama film Minari has been nominated for six awards.

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After years of South Korea submitting films to be considered for Academy Award nominations, it was not until 2019 that Burning just made even the shortlist for “Best Foreign Language Film.” In 2020, Parasite became the first Korean film to earn not just one but six nominations. It won four of the six awards it was nominated for. Bong Joon Ho made history that night as Parasite became the first non-English language film to win “Best Picture.”

Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won winning “Best Original Screenplay” at the 92nd Oscars | ABC

Similarly, Minari has also received six Academy Awards nominations and is already making history. Minari has earned Steven Yeun a nomination for “Best Actor” and Yuh-Jung Youn “Best Supporting Actress,” making them the first Koreans to ever receive acting award nominations from The Academy. Steven Yeun, who has previously starred in Burning and The Walking Dead, is also the first Asian American ever to receive a “Best Actor” Oscar nomination.

While the Golden Globes snubbed Minari for “Best Picture,” it is being considered for this award by The Academy. Lee Isaac Chung is also nominated for “Best Director” and “Best Original Screenplay” for his semi-autobiographical film work. Lastly, Minari is also up for “Best Original Score.”

Minari is the story of a Korean family that starts a farm in 1980s Arkansas. Watch the trailer below:

Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences