Korea’s First K-Pop Concert Arena Set To Open In 2024

Korea is gearing up for a better concert experience!

Seoul’s government officials announced that they’re preparing to build the first K-Pop Arena in Korea, nicknamed the ‘Seoul Arena’. The new concert-only arena will be set up in Changdong, located in the northern part of Seoul.

The Seoul Arena will hold a maximum capacity of 18,000 people (the largest among any arenas in Seoul), and include a concert hall that hold 2,000 seats. It will also include a K-Pop Hall of Fame and a K-Pop Special Exhibition Hall and Theater to bring in more tourists.

Government officials plan to start construction in September of next year and finish by the end of 2023, officially opening its doors in 2024.

“We plan to start the work to construct the concerts-only complex, Seoul Arena, in September next year on a 50,149-square-meter lot near Changdong Station for completion at the end of 2023.”

— Seoul City Official

Unlike any other arena, the Seoul Arena will feature a stage in the center. They hope fans will be able to enjoy the performances from all direction with this new feature.

The new Seoul Arena will only be dedicated to concerts, hosting more than 90 massive live concerts each year. The arena will not only be open for K-Pop artists to use, but also any international artists who wish to come perform in Seoul!

“Concert infrastructure is still inadequate despite the global K-Pop craze, and Seoul Arena will make it possible for local and foreign pop artists to hold more than 90 massive live concerts annually.”

— Seoul City Official

Source: Korea Times and FN News
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