First Lady Kim Jung Sook Caught Dancing To K-Pop

The First Lady showed off her crazy good moves!

South Korea’s First Lady Kim Jung Sook has just proven herself to be one of the coolest political figures around!


President Moon Jae In and his wife have been traveling in India and visiting special places like Humayun’s Tomb. Although they’ve been traveling together, the couple decided to go to two separate events on the 10th, and the First Lady attended the Changwon K-Pop World Festival in New Delhi!

With over 1,200 participants in 532 teams, the First Lady saw 22 teams at the finale of the event.


Although she may have missed some of the early events like a performance by last year’s winner Staccato, everyone was incredibly happy to see Kim Jung Sook attend the festival.


And it was at the festival that she proved to be incredibly cool.


Throughout the performances, the cameras would catch glimpses of the First Lady bopping along to the music. At one point she was even caught singing along to BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE”!


But the moment that really brought down the house was when she stepped on stage to thank SNUPER for their performance and to congratulate the winners.


As the winners were announced, BIGBANG‘s “Sunset Glow” began to play and an all-out dance party erupted with the First Lady in the middle of it all!


These moments are just too cute and show just how awesome the First Lady is!


Check out the full clips of her visit and dance party below!