First Look Into South Korea’s First Ever Apple Store

The first photos have been unveiled!

Koreans walking on the Garosu-gil in Gangnam were teased about the first Apple Store for several weeks now.

Passersby were greeting with a store cover written with “nice to meet you”, Korea’s first Apple Store will open January 27.

On January 22nd, the covering was removed and the interior was revealed for the first time!

Boasting a panoramic view of the entire store floor and floor to ceiling glass windows, Apple Store’s iconic storefront will now be available in Korea.

Floor to ceiling glass windows and Apple’s iconic logo decorate the front of the store.

Tables lined with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks cover the area with cases, headphones, and accessories lining the walls.

Various Apple products are set out for display and usage by customers.

They have also added circular benches around trees indoors to provide a unique, nature-centric feel.

Circular benches surround trees near the front of the store, providing customers a place to sit.

Officially opening on January 27th, customers can stop by to take free lessons such as taking better pictures with their iPhone or editing a video.

Workers preparing the Apple Store for opening.
Source: Insight