First Look: “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Couple Park Bo Young And Park Hyung Sik Reunite In “Strong Girl Nam Soon”

They will appear in the new episode!

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In 2017, viewers fell in love with lead actors Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik in K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (also known as Strong Girl Bong Soon).

Park Hyung Sik (left) and Park Bo Young (right) | JTBC

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik captivated viewers with their real-life chemistry as the characters Do Bong Soon and An Min Hyuk, respectively.

Fans have long anticipated their return to the screen, so they were delighted to hear that we’d finally get a sequel after six years.

Recently, its spin-off Strong Girl Nam Soon, starring Lee Yoo Mi as Bong Soon’s cousin, premiered on October 7. It’s currently available to stream internationally via Netflix.

Gifted with superhuman strength, a young woman returns to Korea to find her birth family, only to be entangled in a criminal case that could test her power.

— Netflix

“Strong Girl Nam Soon” poster

Now, finally, fans of the original series have gotten a first look at the return of our OTP!

JTBC released still cuts from the upcoming episode. In the preview, Bong Soon and Min Hyuk are in a police station for some reason.


It appears that Min Hyuk rushed inside to see Bong Soon. In one of their photos, Min Hyuk comforted Bong Soon, holding her head.


A cute behind-the-scenes photo of the actors’ reunion was also included. Their chemistry is just the same as six years ago!


Strong Girl fans are so excited to see Min-Min and Bong-Bong back on their screens and together again!

Their cameo appearances will reportedly be in Episode 3, airing on October 14.

Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik are not the only familiar faces we’ve seen in Strong Girl Nam Soon so far. Read more below.

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