First Openly Gay Idol Holland Announces His Long Awaited Summer Comeback

Fans of “Neverland” now have more Holland music to look forward to.

Holland has surprised his fans with a long-awaited announcement; he will be making a comeback next month!


On January 21, Holland became K-Pop first openly gay idol when he released his first digital single, “Neverland”. This beautiful ballad is about Holland’s desire to live in a world where he is free to love another man.


Both “Neverland” and its accompanying music video received an overwhelming amount of support from fans, who have long sought LGBTQ representation in the K-Pop industry.


For five months, Holland’s Harlings have patiently waited for more content, and it seems that their wish is about to come true. On June 27, Holland announced his upcoming comeback with a sassy Minion mic drop.


The announcement arrives at the perfect time. With Pride Month coming to an end, the K-Pop community now has their favourite LGBTQ idol’s new song to look forward to.


Holland made his announcement the day after he placed first on Dazed‘s 2018 Dazed 100. This list features 100 people and collectives whom Dazed feels are shaping the future of youth culture.

K-Pop’s First Openly Gay Idol, Holland, Wins “Dazed 100 2018” And Talks About Growing Up Being Gay In Korea


As K-Pop’s first openly gay idol, Holland has made it his mission to represent the LGBTQ community in the Korean music industry. He hopes that his music will bring comfort to fans who are experiencing difficulties concerning their sexual orientation.


Fans have expressed their excitement on Twitter.


Congrats on your comeback, Holland!