First Thing North Korean Soldier Asked After Waking Up From Surgery Was To Listen To K-Pop

The North Korean defector who is recovering from his gunshot wounds asked for a favor as soon as he regained consciousness.

According to reports, the defector requested to hear a South Korean song as soon as he woke up.

Dr. Lee Gook Jong played him various K-Pop and Korean movies in order to comfort him that he is now safe in South Korea.

“I played him Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’ in its original, rock and indie band version.”

— Dr. Lee Gook Jong

Our of the various versions of the song, the North Korean defector liked the original version better!

“We told him to listen to the music and not their looks, but he still said the original was better.”

— Dr. Lee Gook Jong

Dr. Lee Gook Jong was very positive about the defector’s current health.

“Now he has clear conscious to make jokes about the songs he likes.”

— Dr. Lee Gook Jong

The South Korean flag is also hanging right where the North Korean defector can see, in order to provide psychological comfort.

“We are trying not to talk about North Korea as much as possible, and we are trying to encourage him to talk about his future life in South Korea.”

— Dr. Lee Gook Jong

To prevent him from gaining any more trauma, his hospital room is prohibited from showing news channels, which covers his escape story updates on a daily basis.

However, he is able to enjoy movie channels to calm his nerves and have some entertainment during his recovery.

Although the defector is recovering after receiving his treatments, he is reported to look depressed and is too shy to communicate with the medical team.

Hopefully, the defector will be able to find happiness in South Korea after his complete recovery and enjoy more K-Pop in the future as well.

Source: Naver News