For The First Time In History, A Female Idol Is Gracing The Cover Of Esquire Korea

And it’s not just any idol. 

K-Pop stars are no strangers to breaking boundaries and setting new standards, and the latest breakthrough is one for the fashion history books. For the very first time in the storied legacy of Esquire Korea, a female idol is gracing its cover. And it’s not just any idol.

Esquire Korea’s August cover was BTS’s J-Hope.

The superstar is none other than IVE‘s Yujin, the multitalented and radiant former member of IZ*ONE.

It is no easy feat to make the cover of Esquire Korea, one of the country’s most prestigious fashion and lifestyle magazines. But Yujin has managed to secure her place with poise, grace, and undeniable talent, making a strong statement for female idols everywhere.

Esquire’s Instagram post unveiled the cover, and its accompanying message spoke volumes about their decision to choose Yujin.

The cover of the September issue of Esquire features AN YUJIN of IVE. With an adorable and girlish charm YUJIN has, we wanted to discover a contrasting allure that she possesses within.

— Esquire Korea on Instagram

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

The praise for Yujin doesn’t stop there. The fashion giant’s Instagram account makes sure to highlight how amazing the IVE star looks on the cover alongside three jaw-dropping shots.

Wearing Fendi’s F/W 2023 collection, she stood in front of the camera with an intensive gaze, a confident demeanor, and an overpowering presence.

— Esquire Korea on Instagram

Esquire also teased fans about what’s more to come from their collaboration with Yujin. The post mentioned that the cover and photoshoot would be followed by an interview with the K-Pop star.

Check out the cover, photoshoot, and interview with AN YUJIN in the September issue of Esquire.

— Esquire Korea on Instagram

This cover not only represents a momentous step for Yujin’s individual career but also signifies the ever-evolving relationship between the K-Pop industry and global fashion.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

Moreover, it’s worth noting the importance of Yujin representing the Fendi F/W 2023 collection, a brand known for its innovative designs and influential presence in the world of fashion. By donning this collection, Yujin melds the world of K-Pop with haute couture in a way that screams empowerment and sophistication.

Since her debut with IZ*ONE and now with IVE, Yujin has been recognized for her natural charisma, powerful stage presence, and remarkable vocals. As a beloved figure in the K-Pop scene, this cover is a testament to her growing global appeal and versatility as both an artist and a fashion icon.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

For many K-Pop fans and followers of Asian fashion and culture, this historic moment is a significant milestone. The inclusion of a female idol on the cover of Esquire Korea serves was long overdue.