5 Differences We Noticed When Comparing the TWICE “Likey” Japanese and Korean MVs

Did you spot these, ONCEs?

While we know that TWICE has been shooting their Korean and Japanese music videos back to back, we assumed that JYP would want to reuse a majority of shots to make things easier.

But imagine our surprise when we found out that the Japanese music video has a lot of differences!

Here’s five that we noticed:

1) Sana starts off the song completely differently in the Japanese version.

In the Korean version of the track, Sana uses “cute spirit fingers” before doing to the iconic “Likey” choreography, while she goes immediately into the “Likey” choreography in the Japanese version.

While we don’t know if she does the same thing in live performances, it’s something that is cool to note!

2) Tzuyu sings in two completely different locations for the beginning of her verse.

While Tzuyu‘s entire Korean verse takes place in the gymnasium, the first half of Tzuyu’s verse in the Japanese version takes place in a street corner. We have no idea why JYPE decided to chance locations (and outfits!), but perhaps it was to give the Japanese video a “fresher” feel.

3) TWICE sings one of the later choruses in multiple locations in the Koren version, as compared to one location in the Japanese version.

For some odd reason the Japanese version of one of the later choruses stays in one location while in the Korean version, the scenes jump between two to three locations. Though JYPE does cheat a little and uses a snippet from the gym scene to end the Japanese chorus.

4) Jihyo gets her closeup in the Japanese version…but a full body shot in the Korean one.

We’re personally a fan of the closeup in the Japanese version, because we think it gives Jihyo‘s lines in the bridge a bigger impact since we can see the emotions on her face up close and personal.

Plus, we feel that it gives the bridge more “oomph!”

5) Dahyun and Chaeyoung are doing completely different gestures during their rap versions.

Perhaps they decided on their own to change things up for the Japanese version, but we like that Dahyun and Chaeyoung did different things for each version. It allows them to have a chance to play around more and have more fun with the rap!

What other changes did you notice ONCEs?



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