Five Members Of VERIVERY Released From Quarantine

We’re glad to see them healthy!

Five members of K-Pop idol group VERIVERY (Kangmin, Gyehyeon, Minchan, Yeonho, and Hoyoung), who tested positive for COVID-19, have recently been released from quarantine. According to Jellyfish Entertainment, quarantine has officially been lifted as of March 23. Below is the official statement.

Kangmin, Kyehyeon, Minchan, Yeonho, and Hoyoung have all been released form quarantine as ordered by the quarantine authorities. Their VERIVERY Series O [Round 0: WHO], will release on this day as scheduled and full-scale activities will begin after Dongheon’s quarantine is lifted on midnight on March 27.


We deeply appreciate the fans who worried about the artist’s health and the medical staff who are working hard to overcome COVID-19. We will continue to follow the guidelines of the quarantine authorities and do our best for the health and safety of our artists

Source: sports khan