5 Red Carpet Looks From MBC’s “Gayo DaeJeJeon” That Went Viral

These five red carpet appearances were all netizens could talk about.

Red carpet events in K-Pop are a spectacle of fashion and style that fans and critics alike anticipate with bated breath. These events are not just about who takes home the awards and who gives the best performances but also about who stands out in the sea of glamor with their fashion choices.

The Gayo DaeJeJeon, hosted by MBC, is one such event where the red carpet looks often become as talked about as the performances themselves — and here are tonight’s most talked about looks that went viral among Korean netizens.

Tonight’s MCs also showed up looking great! | MBC


Dressed in crisp, off-white suits, RIIZE’s ensemble for Gayo DaeJeJeon was an embodiment of sleek and modern elegance. Their coordinated attire — which received over 33,000 views and more than 218 comments on TheQoo — showed a harmonious blend of classic tailoring and contemporary design. The double-breasted jackets paired with clean lines and minimalistic accessories allowed their youthful charisma to shine, proving that sometimes, less is indeed more.


Anton‘s dad, standing next to his son and the rest of RIIZE, also made the group’s red carpet appearance the talk of the town tonight!


2. IVE

The six members of IVE were a vision in their thematic, punk-inspired outfits — garnering over 23,000 views and more than 219 comments on TheQoo. Their look was a bold mix of plaid and leather, accented with chains and studded belts. Each member’s outfit was a variation of the theme, demonstrating the group’s cohesive identity while allowing individual personalities to emerge. The fusion of traditional schoolgirl aesthetic with edgy punk elements made a striking impression on the red carpet.


3. aespa

Aespa’s choice of attire was nothing short of dramatic, with over 22,000 views and more than 141 comments on TheQoo. Their black and purple feathered dresses exuded a dark, enchanting vibe that matched their electric stage personas. The combination of sheer fabrics, feathered accents, and sparkling embellishments encapsulated a perfect blend of mystery and luxury, setting them apart from the crowd and highlighting their unique concept.


4. SHINee

SHINee’s red carpet look, which attracted over 14,000 views and 124 comments on TheQoo, was a testament to their status as fashion icons. Their outfits featured a mix of textures and patterns, with an emphasis on detailed craftsmanship. Pearls and intricate beadwork added a touch of opulence to their predominantly white outfits, reflecting their veteran experience and the evolution of their style over the years.


5. DAY6

DAY6’s look for the event — with over 14,000 views and more than 132 comments on TheQoo — was a mix of classic and modern rock. Their black ensembles, accented with leather and silver hardware, channeled a timeless rockstar aesthetic. The subtle differences in each member’s outfit — whether it was a different cut of jacket or unique accessories— allowed their individual tastes to shine through while maintaining group cohesion.