A Flight Attendant Met ENHYPEN On A Flight And Shared Her Experience

Fans were curious about what she had to say.

ENHYPEN recently took to the skies to perform at the KPOP.FLEX festival in Germany, receiving well-wishes from fans for a safe flight.


When the boys landed safely in Germany and were greeted by fans who respectfully kept their distance, ENGENEs noticed a stream of flight attendants also arriving. Because they were curious, they asked a flight attendant about their experience flying with the idols.


After the flight attendant confirmed they had been on the same flight as ENHYPEN, the fan asked if the boys “were nice.” The bubbly flight attendant confirmed they were by nodding her head and even shared a bit of their personality.

| @yoongioe/Twitter

Before the fan said goodbye and thanked her for her time, the flight attendant added, “They’re quiet.” Since passengers can get out of hand on flights and treat the flight attendants poorly, it was pleasant to know the boys were polite and considerate of others.

| @yoongioe/Twitter

The flight attendant’s positive experience with the group quickly gained attention and melted fans’ hearts.

Even when the cameras aren’t on them, the boys of ENHYPEN appear to be just as caring and sweet as they seem.