Here’s How Flight Attendants React When They Meet Their Favorite Celebrities

Are they allowed to ask for autographs?

It’s easy to imagine how excited most fans will get when they come face to face with their bias, but flight attendants are discouraged from showing their true feelings.

In a recent episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, flight attendants Kim Soo Dal and Kim Ha Gyeong revealed how most flight attendants react when they meet celebrities.

Kim Soo Dal (Left) and Kim Ha Gyeong (Right). | @AYO/YouTube

A netizen asked them if there is a rule about it that flight attendants must follow.

Is there a rule for workers like ‘Don’t ask for autographs at the airport when they board‘ or is there some kind of way to respond to them?

— Netizen question

Kim Soo Dal explained that there are no explicit rules stating how they should act around celebrities. They should, however, continue to treat celebrities like customers. Fangirling is strictly frowned upon!

There are no special rules, but of course we can’t be like ‘You’re so handsome!‘ to customers. If we do that, we’ll damage the dignity of airline workers. Even if my favorite celebrity came, I can’t be like ‘I like you so much…

— Kim Soo Dal

When they do meet someone they’re a fan of, they hold themselves back and instead just be happy on the inside.

Kim Ha Gyeong agreed, adding that they do not want to bother celebrities when they’re on a break: “They’re a customer and a guest, so we shouldn’t interrupt their break time.”

There is only one exception to the rule—when they meet their ultimate bias! Although it doesn’t happen often, when it does, they politely ask for an autograph.

 But sometimes we ask for an autograph when they’re awake on the plane. I would ask really carefully if it’s like ‘I’m a huge fan and I just have to ask!‘ but that doesn’t happen often.

— Kim Ha Gyeong

Watch the full video below to learn more about flight attendants in South Korea!

Source: AYO
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