Flight transfer leads to extreme disappointment for Finnish TWICE fans

Some miscommunication on social media recently caused a handful of TWICE fans from Finland to face some disappointment. 

Following a successful concert in Thailand, JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE announced that they were headed to Finland on their Facebook and Twitter pages. The group posted a photo of a boarding pass with the words “From Seoul To Helsinki” with the simple caption “TWICE TV5 COMING SOON.” Helsinki is the southern capital of Finland.

Excited at the possibility of seeing the members of TWICE, many Finnish fans assumed that the photo meant the group would be landing and filming the fifth season of their hit reality show TWICE TV and raced to the airport to greet the girls. However, several hours later, TWICE posted another photo, showing that they had arrived in Helsinki, but were in fact on their way to their final destination in Zürich, Switzerland.

Believing that the group would be stopping in Helsinki, fans gathered at the airport, where they patiently. However, because TWICE was only transferring to Zürich through Helsinki, they were not able to exit through the gates and greet their fans.

While some fans criticized JYP Entertainment for even posting a photo of the boarding pass, others pointed out that it was merely a teaser for TWICE TV5 taking place in Europe. Fans defending JYP Entertainment noted that it would have been awkward for TWICE to have posted only a boarding pass that said “From Helsinki To Zürich.”

Shortly after posting the photo of their transfer ticket, the members safely landed in Zürich, where they were greeted by many adoring Swiss fans. Happy to see their fans in Europe for the first time, the girls posed for a photo and waved at fans at the arrivals gate.

While they’re filming TWICE TV5 in Switzerland, fans wished the girls a happy vacation, as they will soon embark on their second international concert in Singapore at the end of the month. TWICE is also rumored to make a comeback in May with a full album for the first time since their debut.