“Flower Of Evil” Actor Kim Ji Hoon Reveals Everything About His Drastic Transformation For The Role

Talk about dedication!

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Actor Kim Ji Hoon, who actually became quite well-known among K-Pop fans for his uncanny resemblance to ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo

Kim Ji Hoon | @jiraishin99/Instagram

… is currently reaching new heights with his acting in tvN‘s thriller K-Drama, Flower of Evil. As the main villain of the series, Kim Ji Hoon rocking that “creepy” vibe — with a lean, mean physique and long curly locks.

Kim Ji Hoon as Baek Hee Sung in “Flower of Evil”. | tvN 

Kim Ji Hoon began building this look since 2019. While at first it started off as shaping up for a photoshoot, it eventually led to creating the most suitable visual for the role of a serial killer.

Kim Ji Hoon as Baek Hee Sung in “Flower of Evil”. | tvN 

In a string of posts on his Instagram, Kim Ji Hoon actually tracked his incredibly dedicated transformation. As early as January 2019, Kim Ji Hoon boasted a rather modern-chic visual.

Kim Ji Hoon in January 2019. | @jiraishin99/Instagram

Toward the end of 2019 though, Kim Ji Hoon had grown his hair out — taking on a slightly more rustic aura.

Kim Ji Hoon in October 2019. | @jiraishin99/Instagram

Around March 2020, as he showed off his totally eye-candy pictorials, Kim Ji Hoon revealed that he had been on an intermittent fasting diet since February to shed off some extra pounds.

Kim Ji Hoon in March 2020. | @jiraishin99/Instagram

If you’re trying intermittent fasting for the first time, make sure to follow the 8:16 hour eating schedule. And make sure in those 8 hours you do eat, you eat all the calories and nutrients that you would need in a day. Otherwise, it’s going to be exhausting… This worked for me because I found it easier than trying to eat three meals a day.

— Kim Ji Hoon

Aiming for a “slim fit” figure, Kim Ji Hoon said he kept a relatively strict fasting and exercising schedule — even after the photoshoot. He even shared that he dropped in the total percentage body fat from 10.3% to 6.2% in three months!

Kim Ji Hoon working out. | @jiraishin99/Instagram

Throughout July 2020, with Flower of Evil well into production, Kim Ji Hoon managed to maintain the dark-and-mysteriously sexy vibe! Looking sharp and in-character, he shared that he “aims to stay looking this sophisticated” as it has been bringing in a lot of compliments.

Kim Ji Hoon in July 2020. | @jiraishin99/Instagram

Since then, Kim Ji Hoon has been captivating the viewers with his unbelievably realistic portrayal of the character. K-Drama fans, who remain shook at this never-seen-before side of Kim Ji Hoon…

Kim Ji Hoon as Baek Hee Sung in “Flower of Evil”. | @jiraishin99/Instagram

… can’t stop praising him for the sheer amount of dedication he has put into the role!

Check out Kim Ji Hoon in Flower of Evil here:

Source: THEQOO