“Flower Of Evil” Actor Lee Joon Gi Names His BTS Biases, And More

He talked about BTS with his co-star, Moon Chae Won, on set.

BTS has millions of dedicated fans, and some of those fans are celebrities in their own right.

Actor Lee Joon Gi is currently starring in Flower of Evil, a crime thriller about a husband with a false identity and dark secrets. His clever detective wife (Moon Chae Won) begins to suspect that their perfect life might not be so perfect after all.

While on set, Moon Chae Won asked her co-star who his favorite BTS members are. He said, “My favorite is V. V and RM.” 

The staff was surprised to learn that Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won both know all the members of BTS. “Of course, I do,” Lee Joon Gi said. “We are still young.” 

When asked to sing part of his favorite BTS song, Lee Joon Gi chose “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, but he loves many of their songs. In fact, BTS is all he listens to these days!

I only listen to BTS. That, [“Blood, Sweat & Tears”] and I like all their latest songs. I have all of them on my playlist. They put me in a good mood when I listen to them while driving.

— Lee Joon Gi

It looks like ARMYs won’t be the only ones purchasing “Dynamite” on August 21!

Watch the behind the scenes video here: