FNC Apologizes To Fans For Jung Yonghwa’s Scandal

“We… feel responsible for failing to support and protect our artists.”

FNC Entertainment has released a statement apologizing to all of the fans for Yonghwa’s University scandal.

They apologized for not being able to protect their artists and promised to take action against any false or malicious comments

“We would like to sincerely apologize to all of the fans who have been hurt due to the events that happened to Jung Yonghwa. We also feel responsible for failing to support and protect our artists. We are working on countermeasures against false and malicious comments against Jung Yonghwa.”

FNC Entertainment explained that while they are unable to tell exactly what will happen at the present, there will come a time where they can explain the details regarding why they are proceeding with their specific actions.

They then apologized for Yonghwa’s sudden enlistment and told all his fans they will do their best to improve communication between the artists and the fans.

“We are sorry that Jung Yonghwa has suddenly enlisted in the military even though he had several overseas schedules planned, and that he enlisted without explaining or saying goodbye to his fans both in Korea and abroad.

It was a short time, but after a lot of discussion and considering multiple situations, this was the decision made. There will be a time where we can explain everything in more detail. We will soon announce how both Korean and international fans, who were confused by his sudden enlistment, can send their good-byes to him.

As we are interested in maintaining the principle that our artists should spread their talents as much as they desire and should repay the fans for all the love and trust they send, we will work to communicate with fans more actively.”

Finally, FNC Entertainment mentioned that, just like Yonghwa’s fans, the entire company respects his efforts and talent, and will work to protect him better.

Source: FNC