FNC Announces They Will Debut A New Girl Group This Year

FNC Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Ho has revealed plans to debut a girl group sometime this year.

An earlier interview with Han Sung Ho has resurfaced due to the fact that he mentioned the company’s plans for the future regarding new idol groups. Han Sung Ho revealed how many idol groups FNC Entertainment plans on debuting in the near future, saying,

“Within the next 2 years, we plan on debuting 4 or 5 new groups to replace the current generation of idols. We are confident that FNC Entertainment will continue to grow over the next 5 years as the current generation becomes replaced with a new one.”

Han Sung Ho

FNC’s next girl group could become the successor to AOA.

When talking more in-depth about the groups he plans to debut in 2017, Han Sung Ho said,

“In 2017, we plan to debut a female dance team and a male band team.”

Han Sung Ho

Han Sung Ho maintained the stance that even though the cost of debuting idols is high, FNC Entertainment is still able to make a profit due to increased activities in Japan and China. He also was very confident in expanding the company’s reach to China, saying,

“I am confident that our company’s style of training idols, which nurtures them into singer-songwriters, will work well in China. We have also already made preparations for a drama in China.”

Han Sung Ho

Source: Money Today