FNC Entertainment Has Terminated Its Contract With Choi Jonghoon

They terminated his contract.

FNC Entertainment has terminated their contract with Choi Jonghoon, as they have determined they are unable to maintain a sense of trust with him. FNC Entertainment has also been removed from his profile on portal sites.

The reason they have terminated his contract is because they determined they were unable to maintain a sense of trust with him. Choi Jonghoon relayed details to FNC that were not true, causing damage to FNC as well, who believed his words and relayed them as their official position.

We know that he personally told the police the general details about what is going on, during the investigations. It is difficult for the company to know the details about all of this.

The company has shared our statements regarding this incident up until now. These statements were based on his claims. We have decided we cannot continue working together due to the mutual trust no longer being there. We have already terminated his contract.

— FNC Entertainment

It was just revealed that Choi Jonghoon attempted to bribe the police after being caught for DUI. He already announced his retirement from the industry, and left FTISLAND.

Source: Star News and Maeil Kyungjae

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