Following Protests, YG Entertainment Releases Statement About BLACKPINK’s Activities

They released their statement.

Recently, BLINKs held protests for better treatment of BLACKPINK outside the YG Entertainment building in Seoul.

After months of trending hashtags with no response, fans took to hiring a large video billboard truck that they stationed outside the YG building, and repeatedly played all of BLACKPINK’s released music videos.


The truck also roamed all over Mapo District, Seoul while playing the music videos, so that the word would be spread about their demands from the agency.


After the protests outside the building, YG Entertainment released a statement (in Korean and English) in response to the fans’ demands.


YG is all ears when it comes to fans’ concerns regarding BLACKPINK as well as all of our artists. BLACKPINK is at the last leg of [their] 2019-20 world tour consisting of 32 concerts in 4 continents, 23 cities with now ending with the Japan world tour. At the same time, they are working hard at the recording studio for their new album. We appreciate BLINKs interest and would like to ask you to continue supporting the girls working in their album release scheduled in early part of 2020.

All of us at YG would like to express our deepest gratitude to the fans and would like to take this opportunity to share with you that we are doing our absolute best to give BLACKPINK and BLINKs the best music YG has to offer.

—YG Entertainment


Fans are not pleased with the statement, and are demanding that YG Entertainment fulfill all of their demands (and the agency’s promises). Following the group’s comeback in April of this year with “Kill This Love” and Jennie‘s solo debut with “SOLO” in 2018, fans are demanding that the agency fulfill the promises made to them of a full album, two group comebacks, solo projects for all members, broadcast opportunities, and award show appearances.


Fans are waiting to see if YG Entertainment holds up their end of the promises made.