Footage Of ITZY Filming Their Newest Music Video In Los Angeles Has Leaked

Some fans are displeased.

A Twitter user who happened to live in the area where ITZY were filming decided to film a couple of videos of the group dancing, although it was through a window so the footage is blurry.

The user wasn’t a fan of ITZY but she suspected they were a K-Pop group and shared the pictures and videos on Twitter. She has been receiving backlash from fans who believe it disrespectful to leak the footage but others are hungry to see more.

One video showcases ITZY’s razor-sharp choreography as they perform on what appears to be a rooftop.

She also shared a picture of the girls and the crew.

ITZY fans have been awash with speculation about what type of comeback we can expect. From this brief footage and pictures, it certainly looks Summery.

Source: Missfit Harley